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 Setup the computers use in EE305 , the ethernet IC of attansic is a very big problem , we can't find the driver for linux , and try to use a Realtek ethernet card to take place the Attansic's work.

 But when using the Realtek card , we can't provide the ethernet boot , which has been lock on the Attansic PXE on BIOS setting .

 Trying to flash the bios by Realtek PXE code , but the AMI bios only provide 512k Byte and the code has 218k Byte . So we try many times to delete the old code to make more rooms.

 Finally found that the Attansic has been Acquire by Atheros , and the drivers they provide can be use on our Cent-OS system.



 We change the antivirus software , we use " PC-cillin " to replace " Symantec " to improve the problem of Symantec SMC crash.

 Finally finish our work in B08 , and start to check the PCs in EE305.




 We met a lot of difficulty in here , EE305 , such as the switch , old PCs network. Have no idea to slove the problem of swich , which can't provide our DHCP server work in Dos.

 Change the teacher's PC to new one which has 2G Ram.





 We found out that the swich must turn on the " Fastlink " that way the DHCP can work in Dos.

 Define all the Mac address of PCs , and make the line connect to the right port on swich , from  right to left , from first row to the final .

 Make 2G Ram-PCs recover by our image , all of them can be open into the OS .

 P.S. : 3 PCs can't work , one might be the motherboard problem , one is the power , and one is the hard disk.

            If possible change the mouse and keyboards , some of them use RS232 to connect , which can't be drive in some situation.




 We made the image of the old PCs, those PCs can be recovey by internet now , but cost more time then the others, because of the slowest HD read speed. 




 Check the PCs and make sure they can be use in class for C programming

 Change the Realtek ethernet card to replace the Atttansic IC 



 We recover all the PCs in EE305, check for the stability of those PCs and install some software one by one